Colt Python revolver

M1 Garand Military rifle

Lawn equipment & chain saws


​Bass guitars

Music Keyboards

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So if you have any of these and want to sell them, please bring them in for evaluation.

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This female walked right out with one of our most valuable guitars, then ran off with it.

The young male snuck behind the counter to steal ammo.

YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS, we just need their names.

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Shoplifters Caught on Camera

South Florida Gun & Pawn  loans are an easy way to get the money you need quickly.

We buy or loan cash for gold, diamonds, jewelry, guns, musical instruments, electronics, gaming systems, tools, firearms, bicycles, non titled off road vehicles and almost anything of value. Come see what your items are worth. Bring your unwanted or broken gold jewelry, anything of value we will buy it or loan you cash for it. (Jewelry repair also)

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We Also Have For Sale:

  • Guns – Large inventory of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Hunting bows and Knives also.
  • Jewelry – Displays full of rings (wedding, engagement, and other), bracelets, chains and pendants.
  • Electronics – TV's, laptops, video game systems, DVD players, stereos, amps, and speakers.
  • Tools - Drills, wrench sets, meters, welders, chargers, saws, lawn equipment, etc.
  • Musical Instruments – Guitars, amps, violins, mandolins, clarinets, flutes, trumpets, etc.
  • Sports & Leisure – CD's and DVD's, motorcycles, bicycles, fishing gear, golf clubs, sports equip., etc.

We Accept                       "LAYAWAY" also available -  25% DOWN / 60 DAYS